Dog Show Results for 2012 thru 2019

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2012 Dog Show Results

Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club--3/24/12    "Harry" Best of Breed 1 pt. towards Grand Championship

Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club--3/25/12    "Harry" Best of Breed 1 pt. towards Grand Championship 

Bell Vernon Kennel Club--6/30/12      "Harry" Select--3 pts (major) towards Grand Championship

Bell Vernon Kennel Club--7/1/12        "Harry" Select--2 pts towards Grand Championship /Current total 7pts 1 major 

Nisqually Kennel Club--8/11/12             "Scarlett" 1st in 9- 12 puppy bitch

Nisqually Kennel Club--8/12/12           "Scarlett" Winners and Best Opposite Sex--2 pts

Penn Ridge Kennel Club--8/10/12        "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry Puppy 9-12mo dog--Winners--1pt 

Penn Ridge Kennel Club--8/11/12        "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--Winners and Best Opposite and Puppy Group 2--3 point major 

Harrisburg Kennel Club--8/12/12           "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--1st

Olympic Kennel Club--8/18/12              "Scarlett" 1st in 9-12 puppy class & Reserve

Olympic Kennel Club--8/19/12              "Scarlett"  Winners and Best Opposite Sex--1 pt.  

Mount Rainier Working Dog Club--8/25/12  "Scarlett" 1st in 9-12 Puppy bitch class

Mid Susquehana Valley Kennel Club--8/25/12  "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--1st,Winners

Mid Susquehana Valley Kennel Club--8/26/12  "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--1st, Winners  

Somerset Hills Kennel Club--9/8/12                 "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy Sweeps 9-12 dog--1st

Somerset Hill Kennel Club--9/8/12                   "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--1st   

Westchester Kennel Club--9/9/12                     "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy 9-12 dog--Reserve  

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--9/23/12                     "Scarlett" 1st and Winners, Best Opposite Puppy 9-12 Puppy Bitch 

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--9/23/12                      "Harry" Select

Old Diminion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia-- 9/30/12  "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Sweepstakes Junior 9-12 puppy--1/BJSW/BSW

Old Diminion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia--9/30/12  "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--regular class 9-12 puppy  male--1/Reserve

Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers--10/7/12    CANADA!    "Scarlett"  1st,Winners, and Best Puppy--1 pt.   

The Standard Schnauzer Club Of Canada Western Division--"Scarlett"  Best Puppy in Sweeps, Winners, and Best Puppy in Specialty--3 pts 

Catonsville Kennel Club--10/13/2012   "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy male 9-12 1st, Winners, and Best of Winners--3 pt Major  

National Capitol Kennel Club--10/14/2012  "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy Male 9-12 1st,W,Best Puppy,Best on Winners--3 pt major current points 10 pts with 3 majors

Vancouver Kennel Club--10/27/2012  "Scarlett"  Best Bred By, 1st,Winners. Best Opposite 

Middleburg Kennel Club--10/27/2012 "Harry 2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy Male 12-18 months 1st, Winners.Best of Winners--3 pt major 

Middleburg Kennel Club--10/28/2012 "Harry2" Silhouette's Dirty Harry--Puppy Male 12-18 months 1st,Winners, Best of Winners-- 2 pts New Champion !     15 points with 4 majors

Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society--Cloverdale, B.C.  11/24/12  Scarlett--Puppy Bitch 12-18 mo--Reserve 

Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society--Cloverdale, B.C. 11/25/12 Scarlett--Puppy Bitch 12 -18 mo--Reserve


2013 Dog Show Results

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup,WA 01-12-13 Arthur" Silhouette's Work Of Art--Bred By--1st/ Reserve/Best Bred By/3rd in Bred By Working Group

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA 01-12-2013 Scarlett--Bred by-2nd

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup,WA 01-14-13 Scarlett--Bred By--1st  

Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon, Inc--Portland,OR 01/18/13 Scarlett--Bred By 1st

Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon,Inc--Portland, OR 01-18-13 Arthur--Bred By-1st,Winners

Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon, Inc.--Portland,OR 01-19-13 Arthur--Bred By 1st,Winners Best of Winners 3 point major

Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon, Inc.--Portland,OR 1-19-13 Scarlett--Bred By 1st

Tualation Kennel Club--Portland, OR 1-20-13 Scarlett--Bred by 1st

York Kennel Club--York, PA 3-13-13 Dirty Harry--Breed- 2pts Grand CH  

Lancaster Kennel Club--York, PA 3-14-13 Dirty Harry--Select-2pt Grand CH 

York Kennel Club--York,PA  3-15-13 Dirty Harry--Select-3pt--Grand CH 

Deleware County Kennel Club--York,PA   3-16-13--Dirty Harry--Breed-5pts--Grand CH 

Deleware County Kennel Club--York,PA  3-17-13--Dirty Harry--Select-2pts-Grand CH

Western Pennsylvania Kennel Club--Monroeville, PA  3-30-13--Dirty Harry--Select--4pts--Grand Ch  

Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia--Timonium, MD 4-20-13--Dirty Harry--Breed--5 pts--Grand Championship Completed!!  Yeah!  

    Total Grand Champion pt to date is 26 points with 6 majors  Dirty Harry  


2014 Dog Show Results

Harrisburg Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04-12-14--Dirty Harry--Select

Mason & Dixion Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04-13-14--Dirty Harry--Select  

Auld Lang Syne Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/16/14--Arthur--Reserve

Auld Lang Syne Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/17/14--Arthur--Reserve

Renaissance Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/18/14--Arthur--Reserve

Renaissance Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/19/14--Arthur--Reserve

Renaissance Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/20/14--Arthur--Reserve

Renaissance Dog Association--Chilliwack, B.C. 04/21/14--Arthur--Winners--1pt.

New Castle Kennel Club--New Castle, PA. 05-24-14--Dirty Harry--Breed--5pts judge Mr. Robert Vandiver

Trumbull County Kennel Club--New Castle, PA. 05-25-14--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite --4pts judge Mrs. Diane Anderson

New Castle Kennel Club--New Castle, PA. 05-26-14--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. Lloyd Amodei

Bell Vernon Kennel Association--Mt. Vernon, WA. 06/28/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners  3 point major--judge Mr. Donavon Thompson 

Bell Vernon Kennel Association--Mt. Vernon, WA 06/29/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners 3 point major--judge Mr. Adrian W. Woodfork 

Mount Rainier Working Dog Club--Centrailia, WA 07/10/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners 1 point-- judge Judith Ann Smith 

Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association--Chehalis, WA 07/12/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners 1 point--judge Sharon Derrick

Shawnee Kennel Club--Woodstock, VA, 07-12-14---Dirty Harry--Breed and Group 4!!! --judge Whitney Coombs Thank you!!  

Shawnee Kennel Club--Woodstock, VA, 07-13-14--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Jay Richardson

Mid-Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club--Middleburg, VA 08-23-14--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Carl Liepman

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Bremerton, WA 09-20-14--Harry--Best Opposite--judge Mr. Sosa 

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Bremerton, WA, 9-21-14--Harry--Best Opposite and Best Owner Handler--judge Mrs. Sosa 

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Bremerton, WA,--9-21-14--Harry--4th in Owner Handler Working Group--Thank you judge Mrs. Jeannette McGinnis

Richland Kennel Club--Kennewick, WA 09/27/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners and was considered for breed  1pt--judge Whitney Coombs

Idaho Capital City Kennel Club, Inc--Boise, ID 10/10/14--Arthur--Winners and Best of Winners--2pts--judge Mrs. Sharon K Weston

Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo County--Pleasanton, CA 10/17/14--Arthur--Reserve--judge Mr. Alberto Berrios

Northern California Standard Schnauzer Specialty--Pleasanton, CA 10/19/14--Arthur--Reserve--judge Ms. Wendy Paquette 

Northern California Standard Schnauzer Specialty--Pleasanton, CA 10-19-14--Harry--7-10 Veterns class--2nd--judge Ms. Wendy Paquette 

Wine Country Kennel Club--Napa Valley, CA 11/08/14--Arthur--Winners, Best of Winners, 1 point, NEW CHAMPION!!  3 majors and 15 points. YEAH!!! judge--Adrian Woodfork--thank you Adrian Woodfork!!  


2015 Dog Show Results

Sammamish Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA 1-10-15--Harry--Best Opposite--judge John Wade

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup, WA 1-11-15--Harry--Best Opposite--judge Mrs. Denise Cornelssen   

York Kennel Club--York, PA 03/11/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge--John Reeve Newson

Lancaster Kennel Club--York, PA 03/12/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge James D. Eliis Sr.

York Kennel Club--York, PA 03/13/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Bonnie Linnell Clarke 

Deleware Kennel Club--York,PA 03/14/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Jane Haefner  

Pennisula Dog Fanciers--Bremerton, WA 03-21-15--Harry--Breed--judge Sharon Weston

Pennisula Dog Fanciers--Bremerton, WA 03-22-15--Harry--Best Opposite--judge Dennis Morgan

Columbia Kennel Club--Concord, NC 03/26/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Lawrence Sinclair 

Columbia Kennel Club--Concord, NC 03/27/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Mrs. Lawrence Sinclair

Greater Monroe Kennel Club--Concord, NC 03/28/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Terry Stacy 

Greater Monroe Kennel Club--Concord, NC 03/29/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs. Joyce Manton 

Western Pennsylvania Kennel Club--PA 04/04/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite  Specialty--judge William Shelton

Western Pennsylvania Kennel Club--PA 04/05/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite-judge Ms. Mary Anne Brocious

South Jersey Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04/09/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite-judge Richard V. Miller

Lebanon County Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04/10/15--Dirty Harry--Select-judge Steve Keating

Harrisburg Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04/11/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite-judge Robin L. Stansell

Mason and Dixon Kennel Club--Harrisburg, PA 04/12/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Jackie Rayner

Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia--Timonium,MD 04/18/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Ms. Grace Fritz

Baltimore County Kennel Club--Timonium, MD 04/19/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Mrs. Joan P. Scott

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup ,WA 06/06/15--Scarlett--Reserve--judge Desmond Murphy

Greenwich Kennel Club--Norwich, CT 06/06/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs. Deborah Y. Verdon

LongShore-Southport Kennel Club--Norwich, CT 06/07/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs. Terry M. DePietro

Greater Clarksburg WV Kennel Club--WV,6/13/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. Richard William Powell 

Greater Clarksburg WV Kennel Club--WV,6/14/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. Stephen J. Hubbell Group 4 in the working group. Thank you Mr. Hubbell for the nice group placement!

Virginia Kennel Club--Virginia, 6/20/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. Robert Stein 

Gloucester Kennel Club of Virginia--Richmond, VA,6/23/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Dr. Klaus Anselm

Tidewater Kennel Club of Virginia--Richmond, VA,6/28/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Doug Holloway Jr.

Bell Vernon Kennel Club--Mt. Vernon, WA,6/27/15--Arthur--Best of Breed and Best Owner Handler--judge Mrs. Janet Leslie Buchanan GCH pts 3  current total 3 pts 1 major 

Tidewater Kennel Club of Virginia-Richmond, VA 6/29/15--Dirty Harry--Best of Breed and Group 2 179 dogs defeated--judge Mr. Charles Olvis Goup judge Doug Holloway, JR. Thank you Doug Holloway Jr. with a nice placement for Harry! 

Twin Brooks Kennel Club--Morristown, NJ 07/12/15--Dirty Harry--Best of Breed and Group 1--judge Jacqueline Rayner--Thank you Jaqueline Rayner for a wonderful group placement for a great show dog!  

Tacoma Kennel Club Sanction B match--Spanaway Park, WA,07/12/15--Scarlett--Best of  Breed !st in Working Group and BEST IN SHOW ADULT--judge Sylvie McGee. Thank you for a wonderful day and great win! 

Twin Brooks Kennal Club--Morristown, NJ 07/13/15--Dirty Harry--Best of Breed and Group 3--Carol Knieburschnoe and group judge Linda Berberich. Thank you Linda Bererich for the great group placement for Harry.  

Chambersburg Area Kennel Club--Centre Hall, PA 07/17/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--Judge Meredith Johnson Snyder

Chambersburg Area Kennel Club--Centre Hall, PA 07/18/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--Robert Stein

Lackawanna Kennel Club--Bloomsburg, PA 07/24/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--Group 3--judge Patricia Mowbray Morgan--group judge Charles Olvis--Thank you Charles Olvis for a nice group 3 placement!! 

Lackawanna Kennel Club--Bloomsburg, PA 07/25/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--Group 4--judge Charles Olvis--group judge Patricia Mowbray Morgan--Thank you Patricia for a wonderful group 4 win!!

Hurricaine Ridge Kennel Club--Sequim, WA 07/25/15--Arthur--Best Opposite and Best Owner Handler--judge Valerie Gervais

Bald Eagle Kennel Club--Bloomsburg, PA 07/26/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Judy Harrington

Bald Eagle Kennel Club--Bloomsburg, PA 07/27/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--Debra Thornton  Group 4 judge Helene Nietsch--Thank you Helene for the great win of a group 4. 

Nisqually Kennel Club--Lacey, WA 08/08/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge John Ramirez 

Nisqually Kennel Club--Lacey, WA 08/09/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge Rosemary Leist 

Susque-Nango Kennel Club--Apalachin,NY 8/13/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Alan Ewles

Susque-Nango Kennel Club--Apalachin, NY 8/14/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Beverly Capstick

Olympic Kennel Club--Enumclaw, WA 08-15-15--Arthur--Best Opposite and Owner Handler--judge Mrs. Cindy Meyer

Tioga County kennel Club--Apalachin, NY 08/15/15-Dirty Harry--Breed and Group 2 judge--Mrs. Jacqueline M. Rayner  Thank you Mrs. Rayner!

Tioga County Kennel Club--Apalachin, NY 08/16/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Paul Willhauck

Olympic Kennel Club--Enumclaw,WA 08/16/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge Paula Nykels

Somerset Hills Kennel Club--Bridgewater, NJ 09/05/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Dana Cline

Timberline Valley Dog Fanciers--Chehalis, WA 09/12/15--Arthur--Best Opposite and Owner Handler--judge Lloyd Amodei/ Group 4 Owner Handler Series in Working Group--judge Mr. Richard J. Lewis  Thank you Mr. Lewis for the nice win for Arthur.

Timberline Valley Dog Fanciers--Chehalis, WA 09/13/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge John Constantine

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Bremerton, WA 09/19/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge Lisa R. DeRoulet

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Bremerton, WA 09/20/15--Arthur--Best Opposite--judge Mr. Haddock

Warrenton Kennel Club--Millwood,WA 09/26/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Francine Schwartz  

Old Dominion Kennel Club of Nothern Virginia--Millwood, WA--09/27/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke

Catonsville Kennel Club--West Friendship, MD--10/9/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Mrs. Angela Porpora

Catonsville Kennel Club--West Friendship, MD--10/10/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Mrs. Doris Cozart 

National Capital Kennel Club--West Friendship, MD--10/11/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs.Patrica Sosa

Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers--Cloverdale, B.C. Canada--10/10/15--Arthur--Winners,Best of Winners, Best bred by Exhibitor in Breed, Best of Breed/3 points--judge Brian Taylor   4 points to date for Canada

Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers--Cloverdale,B.C. Canada--10/11/15--Arthur--Winners,Best Opposite--judge Mr. Charles Olvis

Laurel Highlands Kennel Association--Clumberland, MD--10/15/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. Houson Clark

Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club--Clumberland, MD--10/16/15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Mr. John Ronald

Laurel Highlands Kennel Association--Clumberland, MD--10/17/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs. Houston Clark        Group 4--judge Ms. Sharol Candace Way  Thank you Ms. Way!

Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club--Clumberland, MD--10/18/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Ms. Sharol Candace Way  Group 4--judge Mr. Houston Clark  Thank you Mr. Clark!! 

International Dog Show--IABCA, Ridgefield, WA--10/17/15--Arthur--Breed--V-1 rating Excellent-- judge Mrs. Joan Zielinkski USA judge

International Dog Show--IABCA, Ridgefield, WA--10/17/15--Arthur--Breed--V-1 rating Excellent--judge Mrs. Robin Hug Int & USA judge  

Talbot Kennel Club--Salisbury,MD--11/4/15--Dirty Harry--Best Opposite--judge Mr. Arley D. Hussin

Talbot Kennel Club--Salisbury, MD--11/5/15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. William DeVilleneuve

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club--Salisbury,MD--11-6-15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mrs. Paula Nykiel

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club--Salisbury, MD--11-7-15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Ms. Betty Anne Stenmark

Penn Treaty Kennel Club--Phildephia, PA--11-12-15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Ms. Marjorie Martorella

Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association--Philadephia, PA--11-13-15--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Linda Wells

Kennel Club of Philadephia--Philedelphia,PA--11-14-15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Robert Shreve

Kennel Club of Philadephia--Philedalphia,PA--11-15-15--Dirty Harry--Select--judge Ms. Grace M. Fritz

Whidbey Island Kennel Club--Monroe, WA--11-15-15--Arthur--Best Opposite-Owner Handler--judge Marjorie Martorella and Group 4th in Owner Hander Series Working Group--judge Donna Clark!  Thank you Donna!!  

Ladies Kennel Club of B.C.--Cloverdale,BC--11-20-15--Arthur--Winners, Best Opposite--2 pts--judge Wayne Thompson

Ladies Kennel Club of BC--Cloverdale, BC--11-21-15--Arthur--Winners, Best Opposite--2pts--judge Edna Gonzales Sanchez Rubio

Elsie Murray Canine Center Society--Cloverdale,BC--11-22-15--Arthur--Winners,Best Opposite--2pts--Jack Kilgour  Arthur finished  New Canadian Champion

Elsie Murray Canine Center Society--Cloverdale,BC--11-23-15--Arthur-- moved up to specials--Best Opposite--judge Larry Kereluke 

International Dog Show--Lynden,WA--11-28-15--Arthur--V-1 Excellent--judge Mr. Bruce Frazer CAN judge  new International Champion

International Dog Show--Lynden--WA--11-28-15--Arthur--Champion class--V-1 Excellent--judge Dr. Vandra L. Huber


2016 Dog Show Results 

Ladies Kennel Club of B.C.--Cloverdale, B.C.--2-6-16--Arthur--Reserve--judge Geradine Taylor

Ladies Kennel Club of B.C.--Cloverdale, B.C.--2-7-16--Arthur--Winners,Best of Breed--1 pt finished championship  judge--M. Doherty 

Westminister Kennel Club--New York City--2-16-16--Dirty Harry--SELECT--judge--David Haddock--So Proud!!!!

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup, WA--06/11/16--Arthur--Best Opposite--Bonnie Linnell Clark

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA--06/12/16--Arthur--Best Opposite--Thomson Standfield Jr.

Olympic Kennel Club--Enumclaw, WA--08/20/16--Arthur--Best Opposite--Adrian Woodfork

Olympic Kennel Club--Enumclaw, WA--08/21/16--Arthur--Best Opposite--Kenneth Buxton 


2017 Dog Show Results

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup, WA--01/14/17--Arthur--Select and Best Owner Handler--2pts--judge Margo Klingler

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup,WA--01/15/17--Arthur--Select and Best Owner Handler--2pts--judge--Rick Gschwender  

Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club--Bremerton, WA--03/25/17--Arthur--Best Opposite and Best Owner Handler--judge-Richard Lewis

Mt. Baker Kennel Club--Lynden, WA--05/20/17--Arthur--Select and Best Owner Handler--Virginia Lyne

Bell Vernon Kennel Club--Lynden, WA--05/21/17--Arthur--Best Opposite and Best Owner Handler--Gary Andersen  2pts

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Puyallup,WA--07/08/17--Sabrina--Rally Novice A--Score 86 judge--James Comunale (1st leg)

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA--07/09/17--Sabrina--Rally Novice A--Score 98 judge--Ted G. McCall (2nd leg)

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers--Puyallup, WA--07/10/17--Sabrina--Rally Novice A--Score 94--Nancy Grimm (3rd leg) Rally Novice title

Mount Rainier Working Dog Club--Enumclaw, WA--08/18/17--Arthur--Select--David Bolus

Olympic Kennel Club--Enumclaw, WA--08/20/17--Arthur--Select-Best Owner Handler--Wayne Thompson 

Penn Treaty Kennel Club--Oaks, PA--11-16-17--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner Thank you Dr. Hefner


Kennel Club of Philadelphia, Inc--Oaks, PA--11-18-17--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Mr. David Haddock  (National TV Thanksgiving!)  Thank you! Mr. Haddock

Kennel Club of Phiadelphia, Inc--Oaks, PA--11-19-17--Dirty Harry--Breed--judge Joyce Vanek  Thank you Joyce Vanek!

 2018 Dog Show Results

Westminister Kennel Club--New York, NY--02/13/18--Dirty Harry--Select Dog--judge Mr. Ken Murray--Thank you Mr. Murray 


2019 Dog Show Results

Puyallup Valley Dog Faniciers--Puyallup, WA--07/6/19--Arthur--Rally Novice B Score 73--judge Suzanne Hemminger--1st leg

Gig Harbor Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA--07/07/19--Arthur--Rally Novice B NQ--judge Carl Lentz 

Tacoma Kennel Club--Puyallup, WA--07-08/19--Arthur--Rally Novice B Score 84/4--judge Charles Kline--2nd leg

Rainier Working Dog Club--Enumclaw, WA--08/15/19--Arthur--Rally Novice B Score 86--judge  Pam K Furness--3rd leg     Novice Rally Title

American Belgian Tervuren Club--Dupont, WA--07/26/19--Mystique--AKC Scent Novice Containers--judge Sandra Tung--1st leg

American Belgian Tervuren Club--Dupont, WA--07/27/19--Mystique--AKC Scent Novice Containers--judge Vicky Lovejoy--miss

American Belgian Tervuren Club--Dupont, WA--07/28/19--Mystique--AKC Scent Novice Containers--judge Donna Morgan-Murry--2nd leg

Pacific NW Scent Work Club--Auburn, WA--09/01/19--Mystique--AKC Scent Novice Containers--judge Vicky Lovejoy--3rd leg      Novice Containers title