More pictures of Sabrina

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Photo Gallery

My photo page is a perfect place to display photos of family, vacations, products, games, people, and more. On some photo pages, I have the option to add a title or brief description of each photo in the caption beneath it.

Sabrina at the Nursery!

Sabrina working as a therapy dog.

Sample Photo 2

Sabrina qualified for Rally Novice A with a score of 86--First leg  07-08-17

Sample Photo 3

Sabrina got her 2nd leg in Rally Novice A with a score of 98. 7-09-17

Sample Photo 4

Sabrina got her 3 leg on her Rally Novice A with a score of 94 and 2nd place.  She now has her Rally Novice title!  

Sample Photo 5

Sabrina and her new Trick Title ribbon

Sample Photo 6

Go Seahawks--12th Fan

Sample Photo 7

Sabrina trying out her new soft crate for obedience.

Sample Photo 8

Sabrina posing after a therapy visit to Martha and Mary! 

Sample Photo 9

Brief Description

Sample Photo 10

Brief Description

Sample Photo 11

                                        Sabrina and Harry

Sample Photo 12

Sabrina at the ocean!!!

Sample Photo 13

Halloween costume -Pirate girl!